Welcome to this city where there is simplicity but also the appeal that attracts people to discover it. This city is humble in its roots but also knows how o be able to use it as its strength. Whatever the history that had happened is their proud and what made the foundation of the place. The people are sure of their roots and know where they should be able to improve and not give up on their mission to let the place a meaningful and interesting one for the people and visitors.

You can see when you visit that the city located in the Mule mountains that are known to be located in the southeast part of Arizona. It is great place sure to visit as the name itself is very interesting. You will also find in the place the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum which are updated continuously so there are new things every now and then. There is also the Bisbee Restoration Museum which contains the past of the city in its mining of copper. You could experience it as there is the tour that is being offered by the Queen Mine.

You can also have the chance to see the homes of the miners that were lined up in the Tombstone Canyon beginning at the called Old Bisbee which is the centre of the town and historical one. You can also find the Muheim Heritage House which is considered as grand having gardens with mountain views and also furniture from the 19th century. You would feel the authentic feeling of the past with the atmosphere of a free-spirited city.