The newspaper has also its classification. The first one is the broadsheet that has the quality and it contains issues that are considered serious. The second type is the tabloid which deals with a specific topic like television, sport, actors and the one that focuses on crime stories. They can be published at the national level or in a region. It is surprising that tabloids can draw many people into the reading newspaper. As tabloids are cheap and have many interesting contents that are like by many people so they usually sell just like the broadsheets.

News reporting could be done in many forms and newspaper is one type of it. Newspapers have also faced the challenge when the internet has been established. That is because printed materials decline in the demand and so newspaper also has been feared to be eliminated. But it is not the case as many still are going on print. There are those who closed operation but many are still continuing the publication. They just made an online version of the printed one but there could be differences and so many have chosen still to have the printed one.

Newspaper are divided into parts also and there is a part of an advertisement, for the articles that are also divided into classification, editorial, comic part and other things. The newspaper still maintains their relevance and there are people who prefer to read holding something. Others just like to receive and see what they want so the newspaper is for them as they can be sorted immediately.