Ther are thousands of online newspapers now as the world is conquered by the internet, evertything is being rushed to be made online. It is also with the case of newspapers. Many popular newspapers also make their own versions of online newspapers. The good thing of the online newspapers is that you can save the files and read it again or you can edit the if you will use. But if you do nothave the nternet connection then you cannot be able to read them also. That is why the printed version is still alive and is being used until today.

Let us see the rank of the online newspapers that are most visited. They were ranked in the number of unique visitors. The number one in the ranking is the Mail Online which has garnered about 50 million readers to its site. The next in rank is The New York Times Brand which is lower by about 2 million than the first one. The third in rank is The Guardian followed by the Tribune Newspapers with about 35 million visitors. The next is People’s Daily Online which has welcomed about 33 million number of unique visitors to its site.

The next one is the Telegraph Media Group which has about 30 million number of readers followed by the Xinhua News Agency that has about 29 million number of visitors. The has about 26 million number of visitors and the Hearts Newspapers have about 24 million recorded number of visitors. The last in the rank as the number ten is the Advance Digital which has garnered a recorded number of about 22 million number of visitors.